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A small sample of our digital media services and marketing campaigns may help to show the broad spectrum of our creative experience, and what we can offer your company to achieve it's digital media and marketing goals.

Turning your vision into reality is our passion.

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Ely Restaurant

Consulting / Marketing


Web Development / SEO / Video

H2 Learning

Presentations / Training / Video / Audio

Digital Hub Development Agency

Training / Consulting / Design / Web Development

GOC Carpets

Design / Web Development / Training

Lincoln Recruitment

Web / Graphic & Print Design / SEO/Marketing

Relocation Bureau

Branding / Web Development / Training / Social Media

Mutz Nutz Petcare

Marketing / Social Media / eCommerce / Print Design

House of Flowers

Design / eCommerce

Energy Action

Consulting / Training / Web Development


Branding / Web Development / SEO / Print Design

Irish Times Training

Design / Training / Consulting

We analysed the online marketing for their three restaurants in Dublin and developed a social media strategy and content calendars that brought their offline and online marketing campaigns together. This involved the design of Facebook landing pages, competitions tabs, conversion pages and offline marketing techniques to bring their customers online.

Over the years we have produced a number of digital media projects for Diageo. Our proudest project ‘Memoirs of Guinness” involved the training of local history groups and the creation of 12 Video Podcast that highlight their lives growing up in the shadow of Guinness. They went on to win the Best in Podcasting in Digital Media Awards in 2010

We have consulted with the H2 Learning team over a number of years in a multitude of their educational projects providing a wide range of services. This included a training programme for Project Blogger, video services for TeachNet CPD, presentational work for Discover Sensors and podcasting creation for the NCCA.

Plugmedia has been working with the DHDA and its learning program since 2003. During this time we have worked on helping with their deployment of digital education to the youth and adult communities of Dublin 8 and the surrounding area.

GOC Carpets approached us to develop their online presence in the creation of their website and social media platform. This is to allow their customers to browse their wide range of products and services through desktop and mobile applications.

We have being working with this fast growing company for the past 4 years. Initially we were contracted for the redesign of their website and to implement search engine analysis and monitoring. Plugmedia has also consulted with them in online marketing and created their print booklet, Guide for New Accountants, in association with CIMA, ACA and ACCA.

The Relocation Bureau provides relocation services to corporate clients internationally and came to us for rebranding and website development services. Our team worked closely with the Relocation Bureau to create a striking brand, a CMS website built on Joomla and host of branded social media channels.

A pet store came to Plugmedia looking for online and offline marketing advice. We developed a new brand inline with their vision and then managed its deployment across their business from store decor to print, digital media and Magento store. We provide on-going marketing through social media, customer analytics, a loyalty programme and print advertisements.

This successful village based florist approached us to find a simple solution to expand into the world of online retail. We choose to develop a low cost and easy to manage ecommerce solution using Wordpress, WooCommerce and PayPal. The website is device responsive and Search Engine Optimised.

Energy Action is a charity that provides energy advice, services and training in Dublin. As a previous client they returned to us to look for rebrand and redevelopment of their online presence. Working closely with the client we created a brand and website that embodied the ethos of the organisation.

We were approached by Mactivate for advice on branding and web development. Plugmedia set in place a modern transformation of their brand and website. Our next stage was to create a link building programme and monitor customer usage through google analytics in quarterly reviews.

We began consulting with Irish Times Training in 2010 as they were going through the redevelopment of their online presence. Plugmedia was asked to develop adverts for their training programmes and later to develop and run a social media for business course for a group of their clients.

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Brooklyn dreamcatcher

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Case Studies

An online education directory with details of all types of courses - post-grad, corporate, part-time, day and evening, third-level, children’s and seasonal courses and activities for all age groups. was set up by people in the education and web business, to answer a need to bring the vast variety of courses available in Ireland all under the one roof.

Originally consulted in the branding and development of the online search engine of Responsible for all initial marketing and public relationships during its startup stage.

OpenFM - Proud to Celebrate Diversity

OpenFM was developed to break down barriers and reduce stigmas while providing an insight into the real world of the LGBT. Went live initially for 30 days on the FM airwaves in Dublin on the 13th of June 2010, led by a team of 100 volunteers. Making history as Ireland's first LGBT themed radio station and the first mobile radio station from the top of a double-decker bus while driving through Dublin's Pride Parade. was conceived with the idea of building an interdependence between businesses and community within the areas of Kimmage, Crumlin, Drimnagh, Walkinstown, Perrystown and Terenure.

The aim is for people to log on daily to keep abreast of what’s new and current in their area. It might be the local butcher specials, deals for the month, upcoming sporting events, a new business opening or just the latest gossip happening on Clonard Road. Bringing the best elements of community together into a centre point that both businesses and community feed into and from. Building a sustainable interdependent relationship using a website and mobile app.

Memoirs of Guinness

Our proudest project, for Diageo Ireland, was the ‘Memoirs of Guinness” series of 12 podcasts. This began with us been consulted as part of the Digital Hub Learning team, we developed and provided training for four local history groups from the Dublin 8 area. The stories that were collected were compiled with digital photos and 12 Video Podcast were created. These highlighted their lives growing up in the shadow of the Guinness company. The series went on to win 'Best in Podcasting" in Digital Media Awards in 2010. We also produced a short film that told the story of the project.


First step was to create a recognisable and memorable brand that explained the vision and ethos of the new The search engine goal is to point people in the right direction and put them on the right road to the course the are looking for. With the concept drawn up we consulted with the Friday agency to develop the road sign logo.

Web Development

Next stage was the process of creating a comprehensive directory of all learning programmes across the country. Plugmedia brought in Dara Munis to work on building the php backend and we created a frontend that was similar to the Google search engine. We continued the road sign theme throughout the remainder of the website. A simple and clean interface that brings the user straight into the search with no clutter.


Once went live our next task was to get it public awareness and to get educational institutions around the country to sign-up to get listed. We began our campaign with getting national coverage in the press and on radio. Following this we found great success in bloggers across the country.


We began by building a strategy that incorporated a mixture of online and offline tactics. This entailed banner advertising, radio ads, PPC, bus adverts and email marketing.


Our aim was to create a modern brand that was attractive and appropriate for the target audience whilst still representing a national brand image that was professional.


After completing the brand our next steps required design web UI, social media design and print media. This incorporated sponsorship and marketing material for events leading up to and during the launch of the radio station.


The task was to raise funds to operate and run an FM radio station for 30 days in Dublin city centre. Using a combination of crowdfunding, standard programme sponsorship and events we completed the task.

Web Development

We built the website using a social CMS platform and embedded with numerous streams of news and blog content.


Beginning with a brand Plugmedia set about to create both online and offline marketing and print based media including flyers, posters and advertisements. This was followed by a bi-monthly newspaper that was sent out to business and communities in the area.

Web Development

Plugmedia challenge was to create a magazine styled format website with daily offerings that also allowed businesses to create a listing for themselves. Using Joomla as our CMS we developed and customised a platform that was easy to engaging and simple to use.

Social Media

We created a series of social media channels in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google+. This was followed by a content strategy that was engaging and created a high level of interactivity.


Hired as a consultant for Digital Hub Learning, we worked with Diageo and 4 Local History Groups to create a series of Podcasts that were to capture the stories and memories of the Guinness company and how it affected their lives.


Over 8 weeks we


We created an online training site with self-learning lessons and videos on how to use the platform.

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