about us

- who we are -

Things work better with people together.

We have picked up a few valuable lessons along the way.

22 years, 15 projects, 93 staff, 120 clients and around 3,500 students. Everyone is so unique while at the same time, so similar. We all share values, motivations, fears and passions. We all have desires and needs. Some of us are more led by the head and others by the heart. While others prefer doing and others being. The greatest lesson you learn in life is surrounding you. Its called you. When you get to know you. You start to see the world. When you get to masters yourself, you can then reach other people. This is called Self-awareness and Empathy.

They say knowledge is power, although for me, its the use of knowledge. Knowing people and their natures is a big advantage. Turning this understanding into tangible results and value for our clients is far more beneficial.

Why we do it

- our drive -

It is about doing something you love.

Our mission is to help organisations create an accurate picture of the people they interact with to enable effective and clear communications to ensure they meet their goals.

Our values

- important to us -

Our values are simple


  • we are strong together and look after each link.
  • Growth

  • everything is a gift we are grateful for.
  • Sharing

  • as we learn, we will teach what we know.
  • Diversity

  • we respect all.
  • Time

  • a currency that needs a budget.


- our people -

Our community of creators work cohesively to build, support and make new connections. Our space is one that flourishes growth in every person and project.

Our in-house team

Sam Lyons

Founder Creative Director

Marie Therese

Project Manager Content Editor

Artur Leitis

Programmer Developer

Philip Corbally


Our Knowledge Specialists

André Lacerda

Motion Graphics Video

Robert Kamenicky

Web Developer Designer

Aidan McCarthy

Broadcast Video Editor

Carol Hevia

Graphic Designer

Conor Fleming


Emma Carroll

Audio Broadcast Producer

Juliana Scodeler


Jaroslaw Narkiewicz

Graphic Web Designer

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